Patch 1.1

Hi all, Shack here,

Just wanted to again convey my thanks to everyone who played the game. I'm working on a small patch at the moment to correct a few issues and add one or two extra features before I wrap this one up and move on to some other projects.

 - Coaxial machineguns and smoke screens. These are two features that didn't really serve much purpose prior to the introduction of bots, but I felt ought to be included anyway because it felt wrong without them. That scene from "Fury" where the Sherman crews encounter the Tiger tank was a strong inspiration for this game, and it had both of these things, so here we go.

Smoke grenades can be fired in the direction of your turret on a cooldown, deploying white phosphorus a short distance away. The clouds will inhibit bot AI but obviously, will not do much to deter players. MG tracers can be used to line up your shots and make you feel a bit better.

- Critical hits. When your tank takes damage, it will face a penalty to its speed, reload time or turret traverse speed, based on what direction the shot penetrates from.

- Powerup toggle. I was always on the fence about including this as a mechanic, so i've made it a toggle as to whether they spawn or not.


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Looking forward to the patch!