0.7 In-detail.

Hi all, Shack here. 

I thought I'd go into detail what to expect from early access patch 0.7, due out in the next few weeks.

Firstly, a new twilight map and editor tileset is in the works.

Also, I will attempt to make AI a little more engaging. Bots will contribute to the score as if they were players. This means that you can play the game solo and "complete" a game. 

The player will be able to select what kind of bots spawn via the bot menu. This will vary up the tactics fighting the bots and also let you even out multiplayer engagements; pairing up a solo player with a more resilient AI partner for instance.

Bots will more careful about when they open fire, only shooting through cover if they're near enough. They will hold fire if a friendly tank is in the way.

Obstacles will have health. Just as different tanks have different values when determining how fast they can crush obstacles, they will now take more than a single hit to destroy cover as well. This is to make cover more meaningful, last longer, and prevent some tanks with higher rates of fire demolishing every barrier too quickly.

Additional  voice lines. At the moment each tank has a set of voice lines it will use when hit, reloading, spawning etc. This will be expanded so that not only will there be new lines for different situations, but tanks might have 2 or 3 each so they don't get repetitive.

Small visual tweaks. While 0.8 is intended to be one final pass at sound and lighting, inevitably some small improvements will work their way in here if there's time.


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