The 1.0 Roadmap

Hi all, Shackle here.

Just wanted to share what the general plan for release is, and what to expect over the next month or two.

- The map editor. I decided early on that a game like this would need some way to make your own maps, but what form this will take is an ongoing process of trial and error. Some things that sound fun on paper just aren't once they're playable. I wanted players to be able to build a level together, so I decided to make it an optional "pre-game" phase instead of a completely separate function. This also means that the editor-friendly template maps will have an added layer of strategy to them. Work on this is progressing and will be available in 0.6.0.

- Building a better bot: Bots are intended to alleviate the problem of not having anyone to play with, and as such I want them to feel reasonably fleshed out and fun, even if they aren't the primary focus of the game. In a future update, bots will count towards your score and will be able to earn points themselves, potentially winning games and receiving rewards on the score screen. You'll also be able to choose what kind of tanks bots use, and they will be a little more reserved in terms of when they open fire, rather than behaving like LA cops. 

- More stuff to drive over: Maps are slightly barren right now, and while I think readability and simplicity is a good thing, it's hard to argue that crushing something with a 30-ton tank isn't satisfying. One future patch is likely to include lots of new cosmetic objects to populate levels, as well as new effects; though some of these might work their way into releases before then.

- Another pass at sound: Sound is very important to gamefeel. Most of the sounds in-game at the moment are single-use stock sounds. Some of these are working well enough, others sound a little underwhelming. I'll be working to replace those with something that will let everyone know you just fired an 88mm shell.

As always, feedback is welcome. Let me know how your games go.


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